Hi everyone, i have lost touch with this forum a bit after having my daughter in 2011, but when i was pregnant with her, i was always here and got some great info.

So, DH & I are going to be TTC in December 2012. However, there is a chance i could be pregnant now. We were together just once un protected during my fertile period, so if i were to get a BFP (i test in 10 days) i would be wrapped as we werent even officially trying yet

I think i am seeing some familiar symptoms from when i was preg the first time (sensevite smell is the biggest one) but maybe i am just symptom spotting and being too hopeful.

Anyone else have the sensetive smell this early? I think i did with DD but cannot remmeber 100%.

Anyway, if not this month, i look forward to TTC officially december!