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    Default Sleep, Cot and comforter being thrown. Help!

    Dd is 21mo, and is still in the cot.
    I have been thinking of switching her but I don't feel she is quite ready yet.

    Our problem is, she has a stuffed toy, it's her security her comforter etc.
    Piggy and dd are inseparable..
    Lately at bed time she will throw piggy out of her cot and scream blue murder for him back, I go back in put him back in the cot and leave, I try not to make the rescue mission exciting, but she will keep doing it until she is so over tired that sleep is just out of the question.

    I don't know wether it's a "Game" or wether its just that she is a toddler and she doesn't understand that her actions have an after effect (piggy gets thrown out, then she can't get to him)

    I'm really at a loss at wether to just toughen up and get her to understand that once piggy is thrown out than that's it.
    But I'm not comfortable leaving her cry out for her piggy that brings her a great amount of comfort.
    I'm 99% positive if I did try that, she could just cry for hours on end and become quite traumatized.

    Should I now put her into a toddler bed?
    If piggy gets thrown, she can get out and retrieve him, only issues there is she still sleeps in a sleeping bag and its a bit of a routine thing for we with bed, at bed time or when she is tried she asks to go into her bag... So that's ones thing I'm worried about, or should I just ditch the bag when the big bed comes along?

    She has just gone to sleep after an hour and a half of me or Dh going in and out to give her back the pig.
    This has become a routine in itself lately.
    All hours of the night, days sleeps and at the crack of dawn.

    I must confess tonight I had just had enough of it, I went in and told her sternly that if piggy gets thrown out then that's it, mummy and daddy can't come back, he will have to sit on the floor until the morning.
    I told her its bed time and it would be the last time I was coming in for the pig.
    She was very upset over this (I'm quite upset now!) but she has finally gone to bed, but now I'm crying about it all, I think this whole pig situation has finally gotten to me.

    I have no problem getting up to her at night etc but it so frustrating when it's all over a pig that she keeps throwing out.
    I know it might sound stupid, to be upset over a back and forth rescue for a stuffed animal when others are having sleep issues involving much more concerning issues, but it's really just getting to me after weeks of the same sleep issues that I'm really stuck on how to make it better for everyone.

    Sorry I am after some advise but I wanted to vent too.

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    Default Sleep, Cot and comforter being thrown. Help!

    When DD went through a similar issue with her comforter I told her that if she threw it out of the cot then I would have to hold it for her - I would sit by the cot and hold the corner of it down so she couldn't throw it out but still had access to it. she got bored of it pretty quickly. That being said, we sit with her when going to bed anyway so it wasnt an issue sitting next to her cot each night during this phase - not sure if that is something you would want to do.

    She occasionally tried it after moving to a single bed too (at just after 2y.o) but she soon understood then that I wasn't picking it up for her repeatedly so would stop pretty quickly (when told, if you throw it, it stays down there).


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