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    Default Real work from home jobs?

    Hi everyone

    I am a mum of two for years now i have been trying to look for ways i can work from home since i cant work out there due to a disablity. I feel like everytime i try something its a scam or i get no profit from it at all. I got my own abn number and my own registered business name for selling incense from home. I have found that i get nothing out of it and there are just to many people selling it now. I started working from home doign Itworks wrpas that turned out to be nasty and was basically selling a product that did not work....I then tried another form of body wraps then found they are imported from china and where causing people big problems so i decided to leave them. I came across Le reve perfume..A mum from school im friends with told me about it and i joined thinking it was like avon do what you feel like etc like no pressure. I am only into a week and i feel like i want to leave already. The presure is bizare book 5 parties one week all in a row? are they for real? Not only that i have read some pretty bad things about Le reve. I also dont like the smell of there stuff eaither. I feel like im running out of answers and losing hope all together. I dont want to be mean to my friend and say i want to leave but the kit cost $300 and its paid off in ur first 3 parties witch is impossible to get..so what do i do? What do u mums do for a living at home? do u make good income? i need suggestions. PLEASE HELP im really desprate for money and i need a good work from home job thats not actually a scam.

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    Default Real work from home jobs?

    I hear good things about Tupperware? Been thinking about joining. Or I've been thinking about you know the magazines of random stuff that come to your door? Walking around doing those drops would be ok with a pram.
    I went to a lingerie/adult toy party plan years ago and I would never endorse them after being treated so badly.

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    I've found that it's impossible to work from home unless your prepared to put in 40+ hrs a wk. I've never heard of anyone being able to make any a living off home shopping jobs eg tupperware or avon.


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