Hi all,

Im new to all these forum thingy's, and have found some really helpful advice on here.
My hubby and I are considering "trying" to adopt, but man, its hard to know where to start. We have a daughter and would love another child to complete our family but after suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum for her pregnancy and spending most of the first 20 weeks in emergency for IV fluids and meds among other things, it makes being pregnant horrible for me. Then we tried again and the HG came back but ended in a misscarriage and im terrified to try again. We have seen an IVF specialist for hopes of surrogacy but some family members are against it and were not sure we could afford it. So our only other options are permanent care or adopting, we would be happy with either!
Where do you start looking in Victoria? and what are the legalities if anyone knows, I would love to chat! Can someone just adopt out their baby without going through an agency?

Thanks for listening!