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    Default Bad form or ok?

    Quote Originally Posted by lambjam View Post
    Am I the only person who no longer gives willy nilly to charity? Many times I've gone to an overflowing charity bin and couldn't in good conscience add to it. People's abuse of these bins is actually a huge bugbear of mine right now.

    To me, eBay is another way of giving charitably. I don't sell children's clothes for profit on eBay, I sell them so someone else can grab a bargain and reuse them.

    In the OP's situation I would pass the clothes on if I knew anyone who needed them, and failing that I would see eBay or charity as equally valid options. However if I did make a profit on eBay I would probably split it or buy something for the friend who gave me the clothes
    I went down to the salvos with a car full of stuff and they refuses to take MOST of it.
    Tv only 3 years old, all digital- wouldn't take because it wasn't a flat screen!!
    Microwave- wouldn't wake because it was older then 2 years it was in fantastic condition
    HEAPS of baby clothes - they had enough and didn't need more!!!
    Sauce pans/frying pans- no because they weren't in a set, they cost me $100 each!!!!
    Cups, plates, bowls etc- No again because they wanted a set of 4 for everything.
    Crockery and serving platters- They don't accept them anymore.
    Ice cream maker- no
    Rice cooker- no

    Took all the books, DVDs, toys but that's was about it!!!

    I was p!ssed off because none of it was "junk" and if I had nothing I'd be bloody happy to get that stuff but no, so it all went to to tip

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    I had loads and loads of stuff given to me by friends and family to put away for when the time was right (when I was with my ex). My ex up and left me without warning (almost 4 years ago now) so looking at the baby stuff I had broke my heart and I decided to give it ALL to my friend. She had a boy not long after and used some, not all of the stuff. Some of the stuff still had tags on it. She casually mentioned to me one day she sold all her extra baby clothes on ebay. I was annoyed to say the least. As I am now TTC and she knows I am, she could have offered it back to me or asked me what I thought she should do with them. It was literally hundreds of outfits.

    I think you should mention it to her first x

    Just had to come back in and add that my friend is much more financially well off than I am (She has investment homes etc, we rent and don't see ourselves ever being able to buy). I don't usually give things away with stings attached but still, I thought this was disgraceful.
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