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    Default Ivf and acupuncture

    Hi ladies. How many of you had acupuncture and went on to get a bfp and how many of you didn't bother with acupuncture, pineapple cores etc etc. I did everything under the sun with my first transfer (bfn) and nothing for my next round (bfp). Now I am ttc #2 I'm wondering what to do.

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    Hi futuremama

    I had acupuncture for about 3mths prior to my BFP (as of today!) - and did it the night before transfer and same day after, my usual acupuncturist was not avail before my transfer so went elsewhere - very diff to my usual lady so unsure what worked in the end but i was very relaxed before and after transfer.
    I'm gona keep going to prevent miscarriage and to keep me destressed!

    I went all out - did more acupuncture, did the pineapple core thing, brazil nuts, 100% organic grape juice - only warm foods, kept feet warm, had my zen defuser and music to relax me and 3 days off after transfer. I did however eat the odd chocolate bar which i hardly ever do but basically did what made me happy and relaxed! Did the odd walk but not as much as i intended - if i didnt feel like it i didn't go. Limited caffeine - i found an organic tea 98% caffeine free at coles and just drunk hot or rm temp water.

    Pre stims i exercised daily at least 3mths prior and had been eating healthy the last yr while TTC. I took supplements - preconception pill, spirilina, coq10, royal jelly and maca - for about 3-4mths prior at least.
    haha think thats my list.
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    I did acupuncture for my last 2 transfers. One was BFN the next was a BFP. My BFP was using Japanese Acupuncture and I had a therapist who was really good. I found my first one sort of bunged it on a bit and blew a bit of smoke where the second one really seems to know what he;s doing.


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