I really just need a little vent because I'm a little stressed about whooping cough.

My DD is only 5 weeks old, so hasn't started her immunisations yet. There have been two confirmed and other suspected cases of whooping cough at DS's school. He's in Prep. My DH also teaches at the school. Apparently there is a bit of an outbreak around town, but I'm not sure how bad it is.

So I'm a little paranoid!

There really isn't much more I can do. I almost always wear the baby in a wrap when we go into school or into the shops, though often in the afternoons I have to put her in the stroller and carry the middle one so that he doesn't stay asleep (he falls asleep in the car every day without fail!). She's fully breastfed (which doesn't protect her, but does help her immune system), and the rest of us are all vaccinated (but apparently you can still get it even if you have been immunised). I don't like letting other people hold my baby, except family members.

Of course, there are plenty of other things that babies can get sick from, and I'm not paranoid about any of them...

Oh, and we have to fly to Brisbane in three weeks to go to my sister's wedding... aargh!!! Planes!!! All those germs getting circulated through the airconditioning!!! Normally I don't care too much about germs, just on planes. We flew to visit my in-laws when DS2 was six weeks old and i was terrified then of all the nasty things he would catch on the plane, too.

Little babies are lovely, and I try to enjoy every moment because it goes so fast... but I equally love it when they get a bit older and are a little more robust!