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    Default Does Santa exist???

    Quote Originally Posted by Cleigh View Post
    Im really curious what happens at my sons school. It is very multicutrual and DS goes on about Santa and Christmas a lot at home. I want to know what will happen at school when he says this sort of stuff to people who dont celebrate it. He has already asked me who this god person is that people talk about lol So I have explained that different people believe in all sorts of different things. I can see it coming up again soon.

    As for our house and Santa. If you dont believe in Santa and the magic of Christmas, YOU GET NOTHING. Keep the magic alive and make it fun for everyone involved.
    When DD started her very multicultural child care we had lots of questions, especially when her favorite carer was getting married in a mosque, so we did lots of googling, and asked the carer to explain their traditions to her, she was great about it. She ended up bringing DH in and they showed kids wedding pics.

    With Santa she was happy with, those who don't believe he does not visit not bc they're bad but because they have different traditions and they celebrate things that we don't.
    Little kids are so open and accepting, better then most adults

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    I love the magic of Santa!

    We told DD1 before school started back when she was going into Year 6. She had no idea before then. She pretends for her sisters.

    We watched a movie years ago. I wish I could remember what it was called but it was one of the Christmas movies. In it this man becomes the new Santa and he is told that every year Santa picks somewhere in the world to be the Santa at the shops and the rest are his helpers. So, one day you just might see the real Santa. My girls love this. When DD1 was little she had just seen Santa and told me she really thought he was the real one. She was so excited.

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    Default Does Santa exist???

    21 years old and i still stay at my parents house on Christmas Eve so Santa comes


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