Have any of your children, other family members and/or friends been joining in with you when you’re practicing the Zumba DVDs?

So far just me doing the workouts with my cat Remus doing everything he can to sabotage me by putting his toy mouse under my feet or sitting in the chair during the Sentao routine! I have offered for a few friends to join me but so far none have taken me up on the offer.

Do you feel like you're establishing a routine with the Zumba DVDs?

Definitely. Up until today my routine was to get home and Zumba but as of this morning I've added a Rush session before work as well. If someone had told me three weeks ago that I would not only be working out daily but doing more than one workout a day, I would've laughed in their face!

How often a week do you use them?

Daily so far with the exception of one rest day a week.

Did you use the Weekly Workout Planner in the Programme Guide that came with the DVDs (Beginner’s Plan/Super-Sculpting Plan/Tight on Time Plan) – or are you establishing your own?

I certainly did. I started out doing the 10-day fat loss programme and moved on to the Super-Sculpting Plan with Saturdays being my rest day and the only modification being to do Activate, Mix or Fitness Party on a Sunday so that I get to try the other workouts aside from Exhilarate and Ripped. Of course, I've also added the Rush workout to my morning which I guess is straying from the workout planner as well but in a good way!