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    Quote Originally Posted by Rosie Bb View Post
    Babymiracle, I hope you feel better soon. If he doesn't want to help you raise the kids then it's too bad. He has to. And as a solicitor, I'm telling you that by law, he has no choice. If you apply to Centrelink for child support, Centrelink will make him pay whether he likes it or not. You'll be entitled to rent assistance, parenting payment single, family tax benefit A and B, child support and baby bonus. You'll also get 100% rebate for child care as you are a single mother.

    Babymiracle, you need to hang in there. Men are pathetic in general and are selfish inconsiderate creatures. If he has a mortgage and is self employed, then congrats as most likely, half of his assets will belong to you and your children already!
    He's not worth a tear. Just remember you still have us, bub hub to support you!

    I'm a single mother and due to some inconsiderate words that my ex used to say, I also thought of terminating my pregnancy. But when I realised I wanted to fall pregnant because I love children, and not because I wanted to tie my ex down, it was then that I was determined to keep my little one. And I haven't regretted ever since!

    It's too selfish for your partner to say he doesn't want to be unfair to his children as he doesn't want his children to have no dad. He needs to realise that It's also unfair for your twins to not have the opportunity to live!
    She might not be entitled to single parenting payments, it depends on her citizenship status. Potentially she could be trapped here (once the babies are born he can refuse to let her take them out of the country), without the right to work or receive assistance, she'll probably get FTB A and B, plus rental assistance and child support if he pays it.

    OP, you need to find out your entitlements, speak to legal aid and speak to a Centerlink social worker ASAP.

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    Default DH is upset about having twins

    How r u going OP? Have u rang the numbers?

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    Default DH is upset about having twins

    DH start to come around and things getting lot better now
    Thanks to all u lovely ladies.

    Fx dh won't turn to be a crazy selfish man again lol

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