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    Default 39 weeks and all upset

    Ok, so this is really a self indulgent whinge. I'm 39 weeks, been a pretty easy pregnancy so far, all things considered.

    Baby is going to be a heifer (estimating 4.2kgs by the due date) and now things are starting to get messy. I've been at the hospital twice this week, once with a migraine, once with a high blood pressure reading (that may or may not have been caused by a faulty machine - either way, BP was fine at the hospital). Feet are swollen to the point where I can barely wear thongs anymore.

    Slightly high BP today with small amount of protein in urine sample (BP taken immediately after walking up a steep hill in the sun). Long story short, now I've been ordered to stay at home and 'watch' for signs of pre-eclampsia (noting that I'm a migraine sufferer, it's hot and humid, and the symptoms are almost identical). I'm really not good at sitting around all day.

    I'm so sick of being pregnant! If my health is starting to deteriorate, and the baby is full term, I really don't see why they can't just induce me now and be done with it. The baby is probably bigger than average birth size now anyway, so what's the point? I'm scared of pre-eclampsia, at this stage, nothing is worth that!

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    you poor thing, i know the feeling, im feeling that way myself!! and to top it off, i get emotional/angry at the silliest things, and crying over the stupidest things. im actually sick of myself!

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    It's so hard when it's hot, you're huge, in pain, over it, wanting to meet the baby and all those late pregnancy emotions, but if you can avoid an induction, I would try.

    I have had an induced birth and a spontaneous labour, and the latter was so many times easier. Less stressful, quicker, less painful contractions, decreased chance of intervention and c-section. My son ended up being 4.8kg and he came out quickly with a very short pushing stage and no drugs or interventions.

    Obviously, spontaneous may not be an option if you do end up having more complications, but in the meantime, try and relax. I used the last days of my first pregnancy to lie on the sofa and read lots of books and indulge myself after working full time until 38 weeks. They were the last books i read for a long time, worst luck, but I'm glad I had that time.

    Take care.

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    Default Re: 39 weeks and all upset

    I was induced at 38 weeks for PE, bubs can lose weight with it, he was estimated to be 4kg by 40weeks, he stopped gaining weight and came out 3.1kg. The swelling is so hard, I couldn't walk from the pain at the end. I get it with all pregnancies just relax and keep your feet up, not long now


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