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    Default Having a super awful day.... Are you?

    Ok so I try to be a positive person all the time.... I generally am a happy go lucky person.
    But today everything just sucks!
    I'm almost 36 weeks pregnant and have a 7 year old and a almost 1 year old.
    DH left for work at 5:30am and won't be home till about 1am.
    When I got up to give the kids breakfast I put the youngest in the play room, when I had made his food and went to get him I had found that one of our two cats had crapped on the floor and he was playing in it. It was everywhere. So I had to stop everything with my boys breaky to bath the baby. Then I realized I had NOTHING to clean up the crap with!

    Then After DS1 went to school I went down stairs to make DS2 a bottle, where I found one of my cats with a dead bird in the dining room with its head missing and blood smeared in the tiles. So then I had to chase her to try get her outside with it, but she wouldn't. So more feathers and blood. With the baby crying upstairs for his bottle. so finally clean up dead bird. (our cats never bring in birds)
    Then said baby won't sleep.

    Then I have a big cry and go to hop in the shower, having a shower in our ensuite and see through the door the same cat chewing something. Oh yay another dead bird. A baby one this time. So I have to chase her while I'm naked to get her out.

    OMG and now I just heard the same cat knock over plates and cups on the bench in the kitchen.

    I swear.... I'll be serving cat stew for tea tonight.... And I'm a vegetarian.

    Is anyone else having an awful day?

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    Default Having a super awful day.... Are you?

    That sounds like a really sucky day!

    I've had those days. And the worse the day gets the more sucky things you notice.

    When it all gets on top of me I take the kids out the back and blow bubbles and soak up the giggles, and the joy that only comes from being a toddler.

    That, or I eat chocolate.

    Why don't you get some bubbles and chocolate and head for the grass...

    Hope your day picks up

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    Default Re: Having a super awful day.... Are you?

    aww wow sounds like a bad day. it is spring so the cats will have a ball getting birds. maybe lock them outside for the rest of the day so no more yucking stuff.
    I hope the rest of the day for you goes smoothly if not google some cat recipes or put a sign outfront ur house for the cats for sale.
    I agree grab some chocolate and a glass of water. well wait till little one goes for a nap. chocolate isnt to share lol.

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