I last had a Proper period on the 11th Sept until the 16th Sept.

That would make today CD59 with out a period, normally my cycle is approx 35 days long, I have had a long period of 46 day recently though.
Previous cycles:
Implanon removed - April 23rd - 33 days
May 26th - 32 days
June 27th - 46 days (many Neg HPT’s, just a late period)
August 12th - 30 days

I use OvuView App for android to chart

I was looking at my chart and noticed I spotted for three days on 12 (CD 32), 13(33), 14(34) of Oct, I noticed it on the toilet paper after peeing, I though it was my period so I put a tampon in the morning of the 12th but the tampon was pretty much clean after 8 hours, could this have been a light period? (something that I have never had, mine are normally very heavy).

If I change my chart to light period instead of spotting, this changes my CD to 28, and would make all the Neg HPT's to make sense because I'm testing too early.

My chart Estimate my next period to start on the 15th of Nov, counting backward 14 days for my luteal phase that would make my O day approx 1st of Nov which I DTD on the 1st.

Could I be Pregnant?

I know its too early to test now, If I test on the 15th then that will be the first day my period is estimated to arrive.

Can someone shed some light on this?