Hi guy,
Recently I went to my normal 8week ultrasound and I had a sub chronic tear which is the placenta tears itself away from the wall which usually heals and u go on to have a normal pregnancy however my baby's heart beat was 48bpm and they told me to expect a misscarriage. I went back for another ultrasound a week later to find out my baby didn't have a heart beat and had only grown to a eight week fetus after another two weeks my doctor suggested a D&C because my body didn't expell the baby. I went for it on the 30th of October 12 and when I woke I was in intense pain and was told (they made a false passage as the cervix wa tight) after goin for scans they said I had fluid around the uterus which shouldn't have been there they kept me in hospital for two days and kept an eye on me after my stats going up and no blood in urine I left and was told that I couldn't try again for atleast 6months and that I may not b able to carry a child to full term or if I could even have a viable pregnancy again due to scarring and weakened cervix . I was just wondering if anyone else that has this happen has had a pregnancy after and if it was successful ? I'm hoping for good news when I go back in two weeks but would like to hear about what's happened with you guys Thx in advance to anyone that can help.