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    Default Pregnancy symptoms with Negative blood&HPT with PCOS.

    Hi there,

    I was diagnosed with PCOS years ago, me and partner been TTC for just over a year and went to a gyno/obst where I had a laparoscopy(27 Sept) to make sure everything was ok. Day after my lap I got my period and then two weeks after that (11 Oct) me and my partner had sex every second day in hope of getting pregnant. Two weeks after this (30th Oct) I had my follow up appointment, I advised the doc I still hadn't gotten my period again (which was strange since I have been regular for past 6 months) and had been having minimal pregnancy symptoms and he told me it was highly unlikely I was pergnant but sent me for a blood test anyway, Blood came back negative.
    Now it's the 7th and I still havent got my period (9 days late) and am getting the WORST pregnancy symptoms, nausea and tiredness, crying over NOTHING (definatley unlike me), eating more but only foods I crave (which are the most random things) and bloated.
    Just wanting to know anyones opinion as to what could be the issue, anyones experiences etc

    Thanks (:

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    Default Pregnancy symptoms with Negative blood&HPT with PCOS.

    Have you done a home pregnancy test? Did your doctor mention hcg levels? Generally they only consider you being pregnant when your hcg is 50 or over.


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