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    Default SIL with severe issues - enough already!

    Just wanted to add Kimberly has a good head on her shoulders and is the only one that knows all the ins and outs and hence which is the best course of action.

    In the end you have to look after your sanity and your family first!

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    Quote Originally Posted by VicPark View Post
    Sorry but I think there were missed opportunities where your hubby could have prevented things escalating. He should have been clear and honest instead of just giving in and saying (via your mother in law) for his sister to take the trailer.

    He should have called his sister directly, mentioned you were still using the trailer, it was full of rubbish and you hoped to be finished by xyz date. He could have said something like "would it be possible to push the handover of the trailer back until this date? If there's something urgent you need to do let me know and we will work something out."

    Your hubby could have sent the $25 directly to his sister with a little note.

    I have no doubt the SIL has the cow factor going but it sounds like this all started due to a misunderstanding caused by poor communications on both parts. And both sides have done things since then to keep the narky going. *** not saying your SIL isn't a cow with other issues going on.***
    But with any normal person it wouldn't have escalated I am sure!
    The MIL rang asking about the trailer in which dh replied, he had no reason to ring his sister directly. It doesn't get much simpler than that, it's just that the SIL isn't a normal person and used it to make a mountain out of a molehill.

    Anyway it's done and we are done with her childish carry on.


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