Here we go again, handing my homework in at the last minute *tsk tsk*

- Have you noticed that certain muscles are sore because they’ve been getting a workout?

Yes, but not in the same debilitating way that I have experienced doing some other forms of exercise. Mainly I am just aware to a particular muscle group feeling like it has been worked, but not to the point that I have been having trouble moving or using that body part
- How is the Zumba workout different from other workouts you usually do?
Usual workout. What usual workout?

I haven't been doing regular and consistent exercise. I have been using the treadmill but again, not regularly and consistently. I guess Zumba differs in that I have actually been doing it.

Compared to other workouts that I have done previously, it mainly differs in that other workouts haven't required me to have any particular rhythm, which is something that Zumba is really helping me to develop.

- What time of day have you found yourself popping in the Exhilarate DVDs and doing the workout?
Mostly it has been late afternoon/early evening. There have been a few times where I have done my workout before lunch time and a couple that have been later in the evening. I think that late afternoon feels better for me. You may have noticed that I have not said early morning. Yeah, I don't do early morning very well.
- What do you think about the choreography? Are you finding the routines easy to follow?
I don't think that I would say the routines are *easy* to follow. As I have learnt them I have found that I am becoming more and more comfortable in the steps but as mentioned previously, I have no natural rhythm so keeping on track takes a fair bit of concentration.

- Have you noticed a change in your emotions? Do you have more energy?
I think that I do have a bit more energy. I wouldn't say that it is a huge amount but there is definitely more pep in my step. I have noticed that after a work out I have even been able to go and run around with DD.
Emotionally I think I might be a bit more sunny in my disposition. Last week my boss kind of stuffed me around and then didn't give me credit for something. I would normally stew about it but it has been water off a ducks back so I guess I have noticed a change.