Have you noticed that certain muscles are sore because they’ve been getting a workout?

I certainly have. Particularly my arms, shoulders, butt and legs. However, overtime I have noticed them getting less sore...I don't know if it's because I am getting fit, or just not putting in the effort...maybe the later. I need to push myself harder I think...Oddly enough, I like the aching muscle type of pain

How is the Zumba workout different from other workouts you usually do?

...other work outs I usually do? Ok, well the TV remote lift is done on the couch and in hour long intervals...

But seriously, prior to getting in the rut all my work outs involved group situations- netball and tennis. The reason I no longer do them is because I don't have anyone to care for my daughter while I do the activities as my husband is a shift worker.

Zumba is great because I can do it when I want and when my husband is at work. My daughter even joins in, so I don't have to worry about entertaining her while I workout

What time of day have you found yourself popping in the Exhilarate DVDs and doing the workout?

When I do Zumba varies a lot. Sometimes first thing in the morning if I have woken up before everyone else. Sometimes lunch or the afternoon. As previously mentioned, my husband is a shift worker and his roster changes each week, so I just fit it in whenever is best which makes it very convenient.

What do you think about the choreography? Are you finding the routines easy to follow?

I find most of the routines easy to follow. I did stumble through them all the first few times, but now I'm feeling quite comfortable.

I'm quite addicted to the Activate DVD and the other day found myself in the kitchen doing various routines while listening to non-zumba music.

Have you noticed a change in your emotions? Do you have more energy?

I'm feeling more energetic. I've always had sleep issues and I think the Zumba is wearing me out, so I am getting a better quality of sleep. I've noticed my caffeine consumption has decreased slightly.

As for my emotions, I am finding that I am a lot more positive in my general approach to life. I've been willing to leave the house a little more, and eve feel a little more confident in my appearance.