Hello everybody, I am a year 12 student doing my IRP for community & family studies on PCOS & I would love to have women that actually have PCOS give me feedback on there experience's as it would help greatly if anyone could please answer the following questions for me either in a comment below or send me an email to brooke.jones35@gmail.com thanks alot!

1. How old were you when you were first diagnosed with PCOS?
2. Describe how you felt when you first found out?
3. What symptoms do you suffer most from?
4. What symptoms concern you the most?
5. What treatment plan are you using?
6. Who is your biggest support network?
7. Do you think people understand how PCOS affects your well-being?
8. Do you think there is enough said/done to raise awareness of PCOS in young girls?
9. Do you feel you have control of PCOS?
10. Do you feel PCOS has reduced your quality of life?
11. Have you suffered any depression or any psychological distress as a result?
12. How much as PCOS syndrome changed your plans for the future?