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    Quote Originally Posted by Girl X View Post
    I thought that sounded pretty reasonable. I think the school we're looking at for DD when she reaches high school is currently at about $18,680pa.
    Woah, that's extreme, you'd have to be on a decent amount of money to afford that. Our Mortgage is probably about that per year.

    Quote Originally Posted by kw123 View Post
    Sounds cheap compared to the ones we are looking at in Melbourne which are up to $25k for yrs 11 and 12!!!
    OMG! I can't understand why it's so expensive, how much do they pay their teachers??

    Quote Originally Posted by babycake View Post
    Yep, that is quite reasonable. The catholic high school we intend to send ds to on Brisbane Northside is $12000 per year. He wont be attending for another 7 years, imagine what it will cost then Sheesh!!!!
    ETA Remember though, the more children you have the cheaper the subsequent children are.
    Yeah, they have the subsequent children reductions, but not sure how much in high school, in the primary school the fees only double after the 4th kid, so it's pretty reasonable.

    Quote Originally Posted by anewme View Post
    Here is ours
    Tuition Fees
    Below are the standard annual fees for single students enrolled

    Discounts apply to the second and subsequent children (excluding Pre-prep). This means that if you have more than one child enrolled, your tuition fee will be less than the simple addition of single students. Details of fees for a variety of year level combinations are included at the back of this document.

    A Fee Support Scheme is in place to assist low-income families to access the benefits of our school. Fee Support applies to one calendar year only so a new application is needed each year.

    Maximum Family charge for 2012 is $8,240, or $9,050 where enrolment includes the PrePrep year.
    Standard Tuition Fees
    – Single students only
    Below are the basic charges for one student in each level of the school.
    Single Student Charges
    Base Annual Fee 2012

    One Pre-preparatory child
     One Primary student (Prep to Year 7)
     One Secondary student (Year 8-12)
    - includes $560 Secondary Surcharge
    That's pretty much on par with their school, so that's good to know it's about right for the region we're in.

    Quote Originally Posted by Elijahs Mum View Post
    Very reasonable, my niece goes to a private catholic school in Rose Bay which is $27k for year 12
    Wow, that's a crazy amount of money for school.

    Quote Originally Posted by bezzy View Post
    I just got the letter today with DD's school fees for 2013, I copied below. That's on the Gold Coast. Private school but not Catholic.
    Pre-Prep part time $7,402
    Pre-Prep full time $10,426
    Prep $10,183
    Years 1 to 3 $13,062
    Years 4 to 6 $14,789
    Years 7 to 9 $15,965
    Years 10 to 12 $16,505
    Crikey, that's pretty expensive too! lol I was thinking ours was exxy, now i think i'll be stoked at how cheap it is comparitively.

    Quote Originally Posted by missie_mack View Post
    You will find at most private schools you get a discount for subsequent children who attend there. We get a 20% discount for the second child, 40% for the third and 75% for any others (and it is a super school so from go to woe..). I think it is about $8500 for final years- which is considered pretty reasonable compared to other private schools.
    Our local department catholic high schools are around $2000 a year with similar discounts for subsequent kids
    That's pretty good $2000 a year, good to know they'll have the fees reduce for each child, it's not much though i think we still have to pay full tuition per child and another levy, but you only pay the capital (building) and P&F per family, so your fees will still end up $3000+. Least i have time to prepare and hopefully get myself into a good career by then

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    Sounds great to me!!! Cheapest ones on our area start at 11k plus building, resource fee ect. The one I want to send our kids to is 22k a year in year 12 Not going to happen unless we win the lotto or somehow massively increase our wages.

    Most likely will be looking at 12-15k per year for a catholic co-ed high school

    eta: we are in Adelaide, not an overly expensive area either.

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    I have 3 kids..

    DS is in year 4 and it is $8,900

    Next year it will be $7800 for DD
    and when DD2 starts in kindy it will be $5500

    In high school it will be around $12 to $15k for each child.

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    Default School Fees for highschool

    We have just enrolled DD in a private school in Perth. It one of the best ones in Perth. 5 day Pre-Kindy is $12500 a year. Come year 12 it's just under $20k.
    Seems a small price to set your child up for life. Not only with education and the facilities but the opportunities are endless and they are mixing with 'the right' people, in Perth it's very much who you know in my opinion.

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    Default School Fees for highschool

    V8 that is on the lower side of school fees.

    My children are down for 3 high schools.

    The first is co ed and currently $13,000 per year

    The boys high schools is $5500 a year or $6000 a year.

    The girls school is $6000 a year each or the other school is $4000 for both girls which is pretty amazing.

    It just so happened after a lot of research my preferred schools happened to be on the lower end of the scale. So very happy about that.

    Eta. This is Brisbane all on the northside. Also the subsequent child discount seems significantly less then in primary schools.
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