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    Default Discipline for a 20mth old

    What do you think is appropriate discipline for a 20mth old? He is biting and tantruming. He's vocabulary is better than most 2.5yrs olds and is very good at being stubborn and trying to get his own way on almost everything. I would really like to get a handle on the situation before the terrible twos get truly terrible!
    Although he can communicate very well, I am unsure what discipline he will understand as he is still younger that two. Please help!

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    hi 1492, before you get drowned with dozens of different ideas, take a minute to assess his behaviour in the majority of cases. If your child is having you pull your hair out every ten minutes of the day, then you have more than just a disicpline problem. If there is just an odd tantrum because of tiredness, or the biting only happens once in a few months, then that is rather normal, and I wouldnt be too concerned. Children need discipline so they can learn, it is important that they have boundries, and guidance so they can become independant and confident with the world. Also all children respond differently, so what works with your first born might not work at all with your second child. I have had four children and I was always changing my methods to suit the situation and the childs personality, and the childs age too. Best advice is to be adaptable, but keep the rules consistant. Marie.

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    Default Discipline for a 20mth old

    Distraction and consistency!
    My DS at 24 months is also a great talker but he still does not comprehend sometimes why we have to come inside when he does not want to, change his nappy , why he cant climb on the lounge etc so I just explain calmly why he can't do whatever and remove him from the situation and distract him, it worked quite well when he went through his biting/pulling hair stage and now I'm finding he cracks it when I need him to stop what he is doing and get dressed/eat/go out etc so I'm picking him up, explaining calmly why we have to stop playing , ignore his little tantrum and distract with something else

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    Do you know why he's started biting? is it a frustration thing? tiredness?
    Sometimes dd also 20mths, will be hugging me, then randomly have a go at biting my neck! She is also been known to bite because it gets a reaction!
    When she bites, i give a stern "NO". While looking at her in the eye, i say "we dont bite because it hurts, we need to be gentle." She knows she's done wrong because she goes to give me a kiss. I say "Thankyou for a gentle kiss, thats much better!" and we move on.

    20mth olds are exploring their boundaries, you absolutely need to step in sometimes and re-direct them towards the wanted behaviour. Praising positive behaviour rather than focusing on the negative bahviour.


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