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    Default Surgical termination.

    It's one month since I've left my partner and a week ago I found out I was 7 weeks pregnant. I am in absolutely no position to have another child emotionally, financially, etc.
    I have booked myself in for a termination in a fortnight, so will be 10weeks. I'm having a surgical termination as I need it completed in one go. I live quite far from the clinic and I have 100% care of dd with limited options for alternative care for her.
    I'm just wondering what I can expect during and after the procedure.
    How long does recovery take?
    How long will I be at the clinic?
    Will I be in much pain after?
    How long will it take for me to recover/stop being drowsy after 'going under'?
    Will I be able to return to work the next day, or will I need to take another day off?

    Thanks ladies.

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    Default Surgical termination.

    Recovery - had 20 minutes in the lay down bit when I woke up, got a fresh pad on (was asleep/coming out of it for about halfa) sat in the waiting room for 2 hours had some tea and biscuits (their rules) then had to sit in there longer because no family came to get me till nearly closing time :/
    My mum Drove me the hour home, was a bit freaky the gushing of blood that happens, take extra big pads. Be vigilante with the amount of blood loss you have, we got home had some tea and went to bed. I have had worse period pain. Next day my belly was tender and I had a few neuophen, took my antibiotics and that was that.
    Not sure if they have them to me or we stopped and filled a script out. Is all a bit fuzzy. But each day got better and better. heat pack was good too.
    Good luck, (((hugs)))) (can't hug on the iPhone )

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    I haven't got any experience in this, sorry, but I think it's best to contact the clinic and ask as many questions as you can... i'd say they will definately give you the answers. all the best.

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    Default Surgical termination.

    I think every clinic is different but from my experience the procedure itself was very short, then I was taken into a room for tea and biscuits as could not eat/drink prior. I was filling paperwork and in waiting rooms a good few hours beforehand. I went in around 8am and came out after 'recovery' around 3pm.
    I felt a bit drowsy after, my friend drove me home as the clinic was a good few hours away from where I lived.
    Also I wear contact lenses, they had to come out beforehand, so if you do wear lenses, don't forget to take solution and a pot to put them in.
    I wasn't in any real pain afterwards and had very minimal bleeding. I went back to work the following evening and physically I was fine to work.
    Big hugs, I hope it goes well for you xx

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    How long does recovery take? It took me a few hours to fully wake up due to the anesthesia.
    How long will I be at the clinic? Mine took about 2 hours all up.
    Will I be in much pain after? I just took nurofen period strength which eliminated all my pain which was quiet mild.
    How long will it take for me to recover/stop being drowsy after 'going under'? It took me about 6 hours to fully wake up, they did advice me not to drive for 24 hours after due to the anesthesia.
    Will I be able to return to work the next day, or will I need to take another day off? Next day would of been fine for me, I was back to solo parenting the day after mine (my partner was away at work).

    ETA just wanted to say my bleeding for the first day was quiet mild, it gradually increased but nothing drastic or really even heavy for me (compared to my periods) I did bleed for quiet a while after from memory a few weeks but it was mostly light and manageable just a bit of a pita.

    I really found mine an easy procedure.
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