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    Default Confused about irritable uterus

    Can someone help me understand since the Dr didn't?
    Had bad back pain and period cramping from lunch time Saturday which kept me up all night. Called the hospital at 1:20am as I'm VBACing and they told me to try and rest.
    Had a shower, took panadol and used a heat pack. Started getting painful tightenings 5 mins apart and put up with it for 2 hours before going to the hospital.
    Cervix was thick but slightly open they said if there wasn't much progression they'd rupture my membranes and failing that a c-section.
    They did a blood test to cross match, put a cannula in and then left me for 9 hours.
    Contractions got down to 2 mins apart and lasting 40 seconds, they put me on the CTG and the contractions were showing up on there.
    Jumped in the bath and after an hour everything fizzled out.
    Dr came back and said I was fully effaced but only 1cm and midwife sent me home saying I wasn't even in labour and to come back when I was.
    No explanation but wrote on a Dr's cert for my DF (he had to take work off) that I was treated for irritable uterus.

    So today I'm feeling exhausted and sore, still getting irregular tightenings and period cramping. I'm really angry that they left me so long and didn't explain anything to me. My OB was away but gets back tomorrow and I have an appointment with him in the morning.

    Has anyone else had something like this happen? I'm 37 weeks today and don't even want to go to the hospital next time something happens unless my waters break or I'm pushing, I feel so deflated and stupid.

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    i had this with my last pregnancy at 35wks. Basically they just wait and see if labour progresses or not. If it doesn't progress then they call it irritable uterus. If it does, well then its labour.
    Have you been taking EPO, RLT and DTD? Cos that might be contributing to the irritable uterus. The EPO will start the prostaglandins getting the cervix ready and the RLT will be getting the uterus ready with the contractions.
    I'd say you're close to the real thing but not quite there yet. Extremely frustrating!
    I've had a few episodes of sustained braxton hicks and lower back and lower pelvic pain which after and hour or so of resting went away. My back and hips hurt heaps at night and CM has increased. My EDD is the 18th so i know my body is just gearing up for the event. We tried DTD but it was just way too hard LOL

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    Default Confused about irritable uterus

    I was told I had this at 31 weeks, I didn't quite get it either, I was kept in for 3 Days!

    But I was told its the very early beginnings of labour but I ended up being over due by 5 days!
    But I was put on bed rest. So maybe just take it very easy!
    Sorry I couldn't be more help.


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