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    Default IVF Timing

    Hi Guys,

    I am new to IVF and a little confused about how it all happens.. even with all the reading I have done?!
    I am just trying to work out the timing of an ivf cycle. We have a holiday booked in mid feb next year and I am trying to work out if we could get an IVF cycle in before hand.

    We can't start IVF until January due to the medicare safety net. But what I am wondering is, Do you start the pill (suppression) part on exactly day 1 of your period?

    Then how long do you take it for? Once you stop, does your period come naturally? And then how long until ovulation and the transfer part? I usually ovulate on day 16-17, so would that be when it would all happen? Or is it different?

    I hope these questions make sense!

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    SOunds like you are doing a down reg cycle...there are longer and shorter cycles depending upon what your clinic think will work best.

    From memory..i spent 10 days on the pill when i did my down reg.

    When you normally ovulate will not effect your ivf cycle...they will scan you every few days to see how the eggs are growing and then you will have a needle to trigger the start of ovulation the night before egg collection.

    Again, depending upon you and your clinic they might transfer anywhere between day 1 and 6 after collection.

    I would talk to your clinic and see what they would like to do and then plot it out on a calendar....keep in mind that after surgery you can be quite sore for a week or so.

    If it were me, i would prob wait till after holidays.

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    Default IVF Timing

    I've gone on holidays mid cycle before - that might be an option if you are doing a long cycle and feel comfortable travelling with meds (I've done Fiji and qld). They just hold you on some drugs in a holding pattern. Not ideal but if it's not a long trip that might be an option.


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