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    Default Toddler Chews Everything!

    My 16.5 month old DS chews everything. It looks like we have a new puppy in the house as there are bite marks in everywhere. I know it is very normal for babies and toddlers to mouth things, especially when teething but he seems to have an insatiable appetite for non-edible items.

    I find it particularly frustrating when he wants to draw because he just ends up eating whatever he is using. I've tried praise when he does actually put the texta/crayon/pen to the paper, but once he gets a taste for it, the drawing is all finished and he gets obsessed with chewing. As soon as he starts chewing it's like he just wants more and more.

    At playgroup I have to distract him away from any drawing activity otherwise all the pencils end up being chewed. I want him to be able to be expressive and creative as I was a big painter/drawer as a child. I've tried just letting him go for it with cornflour paint etc, but he actually ate so much of it he didn't eat lunch!

    I used to let him play in some of the kitchen cupboards but have had to stop that as anything that had a rubber type handle or edge will end up being chewed to bits. Even the bath plug has to be hidden because he will gnaw away at it. All his wooden toys have bite marks in them, as well as our furniture.

    It just doesn't seem right to me. I've seen children chew on things, especially when teething but this is insane!

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    My 16mo will put almost everything in his mouth, I guess to test its texture etc and to see if it is edible, but I wouldn't say he goes as far as your LO. Once he has discovered it isn't food, he'll just play with it. He doesn't actaully ingest anthing he chews on. He definitely gnaws more on things when he is teething though. Sorry not much help, just giving you a comparable!

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    Default Toddler Chews Everything!

    My DD2 who is 4 in Jan started this from about 2-3.5years. Nothing we did could stop her. She'd chew everything she was holding like drink bottles, straws, Barbies, crayons eventually she snapped out of it but has now taken to sucking her thumb. Can't win!!!


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