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    Default husband driving me crazy

    I'm just having some 'me time' napping (ie sooking) in our bedroom for this exact reason. Sick of nagging, actually sick of even asking for help.
    My hubby is great and does his fair share of housework for sure, but it's never un prompted. Makes me feel like a whingey nagging wife. Add to that crazy 35 wk pregnant hormones and its not a pretty picture

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    My husband leaves cupboard doors open , has done it for years , I hate it. Leaves skids on the toilet bowl. Puts laundry outside laundry door not the other side, has about ten pairs of converse lying around the house to trip me up . Has never in 13 years together mopped a floor but will hang out laundry and do dishwasher . The door thing bothers me the most..... I'm always on at him to shut doors and wipe his mess in the toilet but after all these years I should just give up . It's hard when your so perfect yourself around the house .... Ha ha ha

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    Default husband driving me crazy

    I could kill my husband many times over when it comes to the house work! He just doesn't see that the bin is close to overflowing and just piles on top of it. I've even seen him start a new bag and rest it on the top!! Wth!
    As far as settling the baby, boys never do it right! DH is going thru a phase that if I'm say cooking dinner and DD whinges he leaves her. It's not til I blow my top that he attempts to intervene but then I have to suggest to him what to do (ffs take her outside, ffs run the bloody bath, ffs just get off ur bum and help u tool!)
    Wow feel better after that rant!
    I will add he does tonnes outside renovating our garden, and he does work away where everything is done for him so he 'gets out of practice'. But for a trained chef (not working as one) having only cooked for me a handful of times in 6 years I could trade him for a new model based just on that! I despise cooking yet have to do it daily!
    Vent complete

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    Default husband driving me crazy

    Quote Originally Posted by Atlantic Puffin View Post
    Lol, of course!
    If the baby is crying.... It *mustttt* be because they're hungry. Hahahaha
    Hehehe, this! Mind you recently she's been going through a growth spurt so lately he's been right!

    I can't complain though, DH is not lazy at all. Some days he doesn't do much but we all have those days.

    I second talking to him though, just say when you are really stressed you need his help. Tell him you don't mean to nag but you feel the housework is getting on top of you and it would be a great help if he could pull his finger out when you ask him to.


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