I was just wondering if anyone could help me. I am on clomidand provera but I’m considering not taking provera this month. I take Proverafor 21 days and then stop, I take clomid day 2-6, then start back on proverafor 21 days again. I chart my temp, use maybe baby, OPKS and check my cervicalmucus and I get signs i am ovulating including temp rise, ovulation pains,positive opks/maybe baby but I get a day 21 blood test and it comes back I didn’tovulate, even my gynae was confused this time as she was sure that I did. Iasked if it could be the Provera that’s stopping it and she said she doesn’tthink so as it has nothing to do with the ovaries, but I was looking it up andsome are saying that provera will prevent ovulation because after the egg isreleased your body produces progesterone and tells the body not to release anymore eggs by taking provera it basically tells your body it doesn’t need anymore eggs released.

I’m trying for a baby this week and want the best chance atit, should I take provera like my gynae said (even though she doesn’t think itaffects ovulation) or should I just try it without it this month? I really needopinions.