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    Default Re: Does anyone else think this is rude and un-acceptable?

    Unacceptable unless like pp said and it is to close a bank account or other legal issues in which case is totally acceptable. For starters it would cost you money to obtain a death certificate, secondly it would be pretty confrontational and insensitive to ask the nearest and dearest to borrow the death certificate to show as proof for a missed appointment so you don't lose money, thirdly it is an appointment for behavioural issues? I would advise the reception staff they need to make their own appointment because that is just plain rude. And finally I would think a medical certificate from your gp would suffice if they really felt it were necessary or a funeral notice.

    How insensitive and rude.

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    Default Does anyone else think this is rude and un-acceptable?

    Quote Originally Posted by missie_mack View Post
    Well in my experience people are buried on the third day, particularly with religious funerals. When my grandparents died we didnt notify extended family ie their neices and nephews or even their siblings until that night, unless they lived locally. So those attending would have told work the day before the funeral

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    Not if they need to do an autopsy.... (Religion aside) It can take a week or so!


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