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    Default Week 2 Official Zumba Questions - Blog 20

    Have you noticed that certain muscles are sore because they’ve been getting a workout?

    Not as much as I have experienced with other workouts in the past. I'm just...pleasantly sore after each workout. One thing I've started to notice is that I'm holding my stomach in as a matter of course because my stomach muscles are getting tighter. It's more effort to relax it than it is to hold it tight and yes, I have stood naked in front of the mirror doing this every time I go to have a shower, thanks for asking! I know I have abs, I just need to get rid of the fat sitting over them!

    How is the Zumba workout different from other workouts you usually do?

    It's less like work...especially now that I'm getting better at the moves. I actually enjoy the tracks and dancing along to them. In the past I've done heavier weights than the Ripped workout offers so I'll be interested to see how that goes with sculpting my body.

    What time of day have you found yourself popping in the Exhilarate DVDs and doing the workout?

    As soon as I get home at 5pm, I put on my workout clothes, do my workout, come and blog, then get dinner. I'm not a morning person at all and I think I would resent having to get up earlier than 5:45 to do it and still get to work on time!

    What do you think about the choreography? Are you finding the routines easy to follow?

    It's definitely not easy to get at the start but I'm finding that as I keep doing the workouts and get to know them, I'm following along much, much easier. I can often predict what the next step is going to be and I'm adding more "bounce" whereas to begin with I was more wooden than a forest when I was trying to do the moves!

    Have you noticed a change in your emotions? Do you have more energy?

    Hmmmmm, this is a tough one to answer. Energy wise is easy, I definitely have more energy though I still find myself waning in the afternoons and falling asleep on the train home from work but in general I feel more energetic and better about myself than I have in a long time.

    Emotionally, it's a tough call. So many of my emotions are tied to my desire to get pregnant and at different times of the month I struggle more than others. I still cry regularly and things still set me off into phases of being sad.

    What I do feel good about is myself and what I'm doing. I feel good about eating clean and not cheating. I feel good about working out every day. I feel good about seeing changes in my body and knowing that there are more and even better changes to come. I feel good about the fact that for once, I can imagine that maybe, just maybe, I have the ability to become the woman that I feel like I am on the inside rather than being stuck in a body that I hate to look at in the mirror. I feel good about the fact that it won't be long before I go down to a size 14 from a squishy 16.

    One step at a time, some may be small and some may be great strides but all of these steps are heading in the right direction.
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