Thanks to my Bodybugg I can tell you that the answer for me is 573 calories during the one hour Exhilarate workout. That comes with a caveat, of course, that I currently still have a higher calorie burn going on so you can never really just count the calories you burn during any activity but you need to include the extra burn afterwards. For instance, I finished my workout less than ten minutes ago and I've burnt 36 calories in that timeframe. I'm currently burning roughly 5 calories per minute just sitting here typing this! My usual calorie burn per minute during the work day, for instance, is 1.5 calories per minute so there you go, because I just worked out I'm burning 3.5 calories per minute more than normal. That'll come down quickly, though. Still, in case you were wondering, there's your answer.

Some big improvements today, I FINALLY got the hang of the "Matrix" move lol. I kept getting all tangled up on which way to turn before tonight. My entire salsa track still sucks, though but everything else is getting much, much better. I love the Cumbia and Caipirinha tracks. Oh and whichever one goes "Hey!" at the beginning, I think it's the Merengue, I love that one too. I've actually started to look forward to my evening workout during the day at work. Getting to dance off my frustrations is nice!

Tomorrow is the final day of the "10-Day Fat Loss Programme" and I'm excited to get some results for you guys on Saturday. I wouldn't expect big losses since Wednesday but I did want to take notes for anyone who's interested in the programme and wonders what kind of results you can get from it. I noticed in the guide that "Super-Sculpting Plan" which I was planning on following only consists of Exhilarate and Ripped which I love for the results it gets me but I want to try some of the other workouts too. So I've decided that Sundays I'll do either Activate, Mix or the Fitness Party. Saturdays if I'm feeling up to it, I'll sneak in a Rush workout. I know it's meant to be my rest day but a 20 minute workout can't hurt if I feel up to it...oh my God...who am I? Seriously!