The questionnaire to end all questionnaires! No need to look any further, gain all of your knowledge of what it's like to try and turn your life around here! It's week two nearly done and dusted ( already!?) and here are the big questions that everyone wants to know!

Have you noticed that certain muscles are sore because they’ve been getting a workout?

Interestingly, no. I assume it's something to do with the fact that I've always played sport, but I have no basis for this theory. My muscles do fatigue quite easily still though; I'm working on the stamina, especially in my arms and quads.

- How is the Zumba workout different from other workouts you usually do?

It's set to music! And it's achieving that dream of working the whole body without actually making dread it, which is a feat in itself. I still haven't braved the 'feel it' option and let rip- I feel I need complete privacy for that (DP not being home is not a problem- he always seems to be at work... but if I am truly going to 'feel it' then I want my backup dancers not around to steal my limelight or get in my way!)

What time of day have you found yourself popping in the Exhilarate DVDs and doing the workout?

5am! I think it's easiest for me to get up, get changed and get it done! If I keep putting it off I *know* it will continue to be put off and then the day will pass with no workout happening at all.

- What do you think about the choreography? Are you finding the routines easy to follow?

I found the activate routines a lot easier to follow than the ripped ones- I think the man on ripped sort of tends to change movements without much warning, whereas I like the girls on activate, because they count down into the next movement a lot of the time. The routines are fun- there are definitely some I like better than others though (because I can do them better!)

- Have you noticed a change in your emotions? Do you have more energy?

Straight after a workout I do. I feel energised and ready to tackle the world. I still get that 4 pm slump though, so hopefully I'll start to notice that going too.