A warm hello to all the members;

I am a new preg. just found out yesterday from the doctor. We are new to melbourne and this will be my first baby. So, me and my husband are both very excited. Since i am new to melbourne i just went to my local GP. She is alright, she did my urnine test and told me i am preg. She told me to do research about shared care or go directly with the RWH. its my choice. & come back to her in 2 weeks when she will do my blood test & all. Even though i want to have my blood test & ultra sound done asap. As i was having some cramping in my tummy.

It seem to be the toughest choice. I have done some research online.I know everyone have their own experience. I have no choice but to go to public as i dont have private health care I am fine to go with shared care at this stage. But if someone knows a good experienced GP in the area- Maribyrnong- VIC if they can tell me will be very helpful. I am quite new and nervous about the whole process.

We dont know anyone in the area as we are new in Mel. Do you guys recommend RWH bub delivery experience with shared care?

Many thanks for your time.