WEEKEND CLASS Saturday 24th November to Sunday 25th November 2012

Indiana Starkie-Robertson DOULA and Birth Educator

“As we birth our babies more consciously, we plant the seeds of wholeness for future generations”
Giving birth is a sacred ‘rite of passage’ – an initiation into a whole new way of being in life as a parent. Yet in many cultures today, birth is more out of control and disconnected from the deep source of knowing and trusting in ‘spirit’ and the power of women’s intuition than ever before.
Over the course of the Weekend yourself and your Birth Partner or Support Person will experience and learn about the following:

SATURDAY 24th November 2pm-5pm MOTHER CLASS
  • RELAXATION & VISUALISATION – Using these tools to achieve your Birth of choice and to learn the many benefits of Yoga Nidra and ‘Mother/Baby’ Healing through Visualisation.
  • PRE-NATAL YOGA & MOVEMENT – For the Mind/Body/Baby, enjoy the changing body and enhance the ‘in-utero’ connection with Baby.
  • WORKING WITH ‘THE BREATH’ – An Invaluable tool for Birth.
  • PERSONAL GROWTH – Working with Pregnancy and Birth and your own journey to grow and heal.
  • ART THERAPY – A beautiful way to end the session with a meditation and ‘Art Play’ Activity. This technique can unlock the deeper feelings and enable you to release.
SUNDAY 25th November 2pm-5pm PARTNER CLASS
(partners are encouraged to attend on this day and share in the experience)
  • MANAGING BIRTH NATURALLY – What is Active Birth? What are the benefits? Learn the Stages of Birth both physically and emotionally.
  • HEALTHY SUPPORT – Develop trust and a sense of being ‘present’ for Mother & Baby
  • OXCYTOCIN THE ‘LOVE’ HORMONE – Blissful Birth it’s possible! Find confidence in your ability to Birth.
  • MEDICAL INTERVENTION - Get informed and make educated and empowered choices.
  • THE BIRTH PLAN – How to write one and what to ask yourself to achieve the Birth of your choosing.
DATES: Saturday 24th November – Sunday 25th November 2pm-5pm
WHERE: Health on Course, 8/28 The Concourse Cowes VIC
HOW MUCH? $140 for both days (including your Birth Partner on the Sunday)
EFT: Indiana Starkie – BSB 013 440 ACC 597 500 576 – please put your name as the REF.

CONTACT: Indiana 0423 616 220 Email indianadoula@gmail.com
As a Doula and Birth educator I take pride in the support I offer. I look forward to sharing my healing, empowering energy and my passion for Birth with you on this wonderful weekend Journey through the ‘Celebration of Birth’