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    My DS had a diagnosed case of CMPA that he outgrew when he was 2yo. He was diagnosed at 6mths old via a RAST blood test, and this was only after I had to push, push, push to get a referral to a paed (saw my CHN, 3 GP's in the first 6mths of his life and was told it was "just" colic). His symptoms were severe eczema (that was being separately treated), reflux (not too severe, not on meds), colic and wind pain and explosive nappies. He put on loads of weight though which was why his symptoms weren't all linked together by the GPs/CHN.
    The RAST confirmed egg, soy, cows milk, nuts.
    DS was exclusively b/fed until the diagnosis and at that point I decided it was time to take the paed's advice and wean on to prescription formula. I can't even describe the transformation - my DS rolled over for the 1st time, sat up for the 1st time, the ezcema cleared up, the reflux cleared up, he started sleeping through the night! The colic disappeared, he was no longer in pain.
    He still has the egg and nut allergies and we are still under a paed, he is due to go back and see him in 6mths time for another RAST but I suspect it will be an ongoing thing (epipens watching everything he eats).

    The things my paed did initially to find out what was wrong was several blood tests (RAST as well as some other ones I can't remember) and a stool sample for lactose intolerance testing.

    I did an elimination diet with DD just to be safe, I b/fed her for a lot longer than DS, but luckily she doesn't have any allergies. I found the elimination diet very hard on a long term basis and did slip up a few times, which if she really did have allergies would have been a bad thing but obviously she could tolerate my slip ups. If you are truly going for elimination, I hate to say it but soy milk is a no-no, it has a very similar protein to cows milk and can cause all the same problems. I used rice milk.

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    Have you heard of lactose overload too? Google it, it can present some of the same symptoms as CMPA/lactose intolerance, if you think it might be overload call ABA as they can give you some feeding tips.

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    Default Cows milk protein allergy?

    Quote Originally Posted by Izka View Post
    My LO was diagnosed with milk protein intolerance. He also has GERD(reflux).
    I spoke with my paed and in order to keep breastfeeding I would need to eliminate anything containing milk protein. I am lactose intolerant as it is, so I have no dairy in my diet. Milk protein is totally different to lactose. Just eliminating dairy won't help.
    Make sure you are also eliminating things like : whey, ammonium/calcium/magnesium/potassium/sodium/rennet cassinate, casin, and quite a few other things that you might not think will have milk protein. You will need to see a dietician who can provide you with a complete list of things with milk protein.
    It has been proven that screaming in pain does do something to an infant neurologically. So rather than allow my child to screech in pain for 1.5/2 hours after a feed, I switched to formula and have stopped breastfeeding. The elimination diet is too stressful and restrictive. I didn't want to be out at dinner eating a carrot from my bag because I wasn't sure of the ingredients in the food. Milk protein can take 1.5-2 weeks to leave your breastmilk. It's not an instant thing. So you will need to eliminate Everything with milk protein then wait 2 weeks, see if the settling improves. It may also take some time for everything else to fall into place.
    Have you thought about formula for a few feeds to calm Bubs for part of the day or night? And then doing breast the rest?
    This is how it was discovered for us. We did formula at night and breastmilk during the day. Day settling was much longer, formula was about 15-30 min. Poop test confirmed.
    Get a poop test done prior to going to your paed. This will help eliminate things too. I know that getting into a paed can take a few weeks so the more you eliminate the better.
    She isn't crying in pain, she is a 'happy chucker'


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