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Exhaustion. After working part time and running after 15 month old dd 24/7, I'm usually in bed asleep by 8 or 9
not sure the exhaustion helps but I get very lone and depressed and it's been nearly 2.5 years since I divorced - doesn't seem to make much difference I'm sad to say. I have 3 children (8, 5, 3), work part time and am studying my Masters part time online as well. I feel pretty close to the edge lately as I get one day off a week with no kids (yes I get from 8.30 - 3pm to myself once a week) the rest of the time I have the kids. My ex only sees the oldest one on a sunday and then only for a few hours so I rarely get a break and tbh it's doing my head in. I often wish I had a soul mate but realistically know that will never happen as they don't really exist.

sorry.. I'm just a barrel of laughs aren't I!

all I can suggest is what worked for me in the very early days was to get a huge boxset of a tv show and each night I got into a routine of watching one episode each night. when I had watched them all I watched the making of an the commentaries etc.. each night just one episode. I found if I broke the night time routine I couldn't sleep. It took me about 4 box sets to feel okay about going to sleep at night but frankly from time to time (like atm) it's hard to get to sleep - it's not loneliness but rather depression, don't get them confused. It's okay to feel depressed and normal to feel lonely.