So today was day 7! That means, my friends, that I've been doing this for a full week now! I'm excited to weigh in tomorrow, although I will weigh in again on day 11 after I've completed the "10-day fat loss programme" as well. I don't think I'll have as great a results in that as I would have if I'd stuck to their recipes but I'm pretty happy with what I've been eating. I've had minimal carbs at night time but I do allow myself bread with my breakfast. I've been strict with eating something every three hours at least as well. Also, I've been drinking water like it's going out of fashion! 3-4 litres every day.

I did Exhilarate today and I noticed that I was getting much better at the workout. I felt far less "wooden" on most of the steps and even started grooving on a few of them! Eventually I think I'll "feel it" but for now I still need Beto's guidance on the moves. All in all, I'm really enjoying the workouts and I am focusing on making them a priority. I get home from work and it is the first thing I do, then I eat dinner as soon as I can after my workout is done. That means I'm not eating too late at night and not less than three hours before bed time which I aim to be 9:30pm (hah!).

One final thought, I definitely worked up a much better sweat today than the other times I did Exhilarate so I think that getting to know the workouts better is definitely making a difference!