Hi my partner and I have one little boy, but I have had cancer and due to this
have had to have a hysterectomy. We are wanting to find an egg donor and
surrogate to help us add to our family- a brother or sister for our son.
We live just north of Mackay on small acreage. I am a primary school teacher-I
am specialised in Early Childhood Education. I love children and believe
education is freedom, a freedom which every child deserves. I am caring,
optimistic and love being a mummy. I am looking forward to creating a beautiful
family and nurturing our children to be outgoing, confident and happy
individuals. My partner Peter is a diesel mechanic. He loves being busy in the
yard-gardening etc. He loves riding motorbikes and skiing. He is hard working,
generous and a great father. We have a lot of love to give the next little
miracle in our lives.
Our little boy would blossom and enrich further with the gift of a little
sister or brother. This is something I can't do. I am grateful that at least
both of our children would have the same father and I certainly would love and accept the child as my own. I am eager for this to occur as soon as possible so that both of our children would be able to grow up together, close in age-playmates and friends for life!
If you are interested in helping us can you please message me. Thanks.