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    Quote Originally Posted by VicPark View Post
    Hi Grace,
    I'm only a senior member because I have a big mouth (a lot to say), not because Im technically savvy with how the threads work

    I'm thinking you could copy and paste your posts from this section into your journal. Perhaps there is some way the moderators can merge this thread with your journal. I'll report your post to the mods (just to get their attention, not because you've done anything wrong. Hopefully they can better advise you).
    Hi Grace

    You are certainly most welcome to copy and paste your posts into your personal journal. We cant merge posts that easily - but copying and pasting into your journal is an easy way for your friends to keep up with where you are at.

    Many . I am so sorry for your loss

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    I'm so sorry for what you have gone through

    I've had miscarriages at 12 weeks and 16 weeks - both times they were missed miscarriages, but luckily I found out only a couple of days after the babies had passed.

    I felt like I just couldn't cope with my 16 weeks loss. We didn't have a funeral and I opted for a D&E (although since they still had to give me the medicine to dilate me I ended up actually delivering him naturally moments after I was knocked out). I then also opted for a post mortem to see if they could find a reason - they couldn't. Sometimes I regret not seeing him and holding him, but at the time I knew that it would have just broken me and I feel like the image I have in my head of him is what I was to remember him by.

    Since then, I have also had a chemical.

    It's not easy, I sometimes wonder if I'll ever be able to move on x

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    Hi Ginny..
    My heart sooo breaks for you... I can sympathize with All your emotions !!! I had tears reading your post.. 2 mc and they say " it's just one of those things " but how can that be ?? All the what if's ... And what could have beens.. And then to have a chemical .. its hard to put into words how we feel .. Loss after loss... The affect it puts on us .. On Every aspect of our life we analyze.. and then re self analyze our means for being here .. ( well this is how I feeel, a constant battle of mind games !!! )

    Have they any any testing on you or your partner ?? Anything come back from autopsy ??

    Were you able to receive any counseling through the hospital ?? That must of been a heart breaking decision to go in for a D&E.. A boy??It breaks my heart when they don't recognize a pregnant till after 20wks .., because those first 20 are just as important and life changing ..
    My due date is impeding quickly and I feel like I'm relapsing back.. I've been off and on meds which doesn't help.. But I feel like I havnt made any progress and this is how I'll be for the rest if my life & that I shld just accept it.. With my sadness, envy, anger, self esteem issues blah blah blaaaaaaahhhh !!!!

    Oh thank you for sharing your story... xxxx


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