Have you ever taken a Zumba class before this?

Nope, never. Though I have always been curious, just never confident enough to actually attend.

How are you feeling about embarking on this challenge over the next 8 weeks?

Excited, but nervous. I am excited at the prospect of being more healthy and fit in 8 weeks, but nervous as I have been yo-yo dieting for years and have always given up or let myself down within a few weeks. I don;t want to let myself down again...especially as this is more of a public journey so the failure is public, instead of a private failure that can be ended with a tub of ice-cream alone on my lounge.

What are you hoping to achieve? Emotional? Physical?

I am hoping that by the end of the 8 weeks- regardless if I have lost loads of weight, or just a few kilo's- that I will be more confident and be able to enjoy life a little more.
I am hoping that clothes look a little nicer and fit a little better, so I can stop wearing my black 'sack dress' that I tend to hide in when we go out.

Of the seven DVDs (Step by Step, Activate, Ripped, Exhilarate, Rush, Mix, Fitness concert), which ones have you tried so far and what were your first impressions?

So far I have done...

Step by Step- I didn't overly enjoy Step by Step. For me personally I found it slow and when the instructors added their flavour, I found it confusing....but that probably says more about me than the DVD....

Activate- Activate is awesome. On my second go, I did the feel it mode and it really was nice to just listen to the rhythm and follow the instructors visually.

Exhilarate- I liked Exhilarate, it's a fun hard workout that really makes me sweat. I found the audio cues/directions a little hard to follow, but the second time I did it, it was so much simpler and fun.

Ripped- After Activate, Ripped is my favourite. I love the routines and I love the way my muscles burn. It really makes me hurt...in a good way