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    Default Homework - Week 1 Questions

    • Have you ever taken a Zumba class before this?
    Nope, never. I have seen the ads on tv, I have seen the classes advertised on the front of community halls but this is my first experience with Zumba. It is something that has always intimidated me really. Being horrendously uncoordinated, combined with being overweight, it just seemed like a recipe for humiliation. Intellectually, I know that no one else would even be paying attention to me, but I just couldn't get past that feeling. It is such a shame because it has kept me from doing something positive and fun.
    • How are you feeling about embarking on this challenge over the next 8 weeks?
    Excited, Nervous, Optimistic...pick one. When I first saw the challenge I immediately thought 'eh no, that's not for me' but then I realised that it is precisely for me. At first I shied away from setting goals for myself, probably because I was scared of change, and scared of failing. As the momentum of the challenge is picking up, I am finding myself becoming more motivated to continue and as I notice little changes, even just getting better at some of the moves, it compels me to keep going.
    • What are you hoping to achieve? Emotional? Physical?
    When I started the challenge, my main motivation was to gain about 8 pounds. You know, the kind of 8 pounds that keeps you up all night, that poops, spews, cries, and makes your heart sing. That is still my goal, but along with that I want to be healthier, to set a good example for my child(ren), to encourage my husband to a healthier life, to feel good in the clothes that I wear (and in the clothes that I don't ) and just to feel better. Being healthier might help me cross a few things off my bucket list too. For the last couple of years I have had this nagging feeling that I should aim to do the Bridge to Brisbane (fun run).

    I am not going to pretend that I have ever hidden behind my weight, or that my weight prevents me from living my life. It doesn't, I still go out there and do plenty of things (except the stuff that I think I will look stupid doing), in the hope that no one else will notice that I am fat. Did you see what I just put in those last brackets? Hmmm, looks like I have been kidding myself more than I know.
    • Of the seven DVDs (Step by Step, Activate, Ripped, Exhilarate, Rush, Mix, Fitness concert), which ones have you tried so far and what were your first impressions?
    So far I have done Step by Step (twice), Activate (twice) and Exhilarate (twice also). Each time I have tried a new disc I have found myself getting frustrated when I struggle to do all of the steps, but by the second run through I generally can pick things up better, keep up a bit better and I find myself enjoying the work out more once I am familiar with it. This evening I did Exhilarate for the second time and I know that I got more out of it, I got my heart rate up and can feel that I have worked harder, but I had fun at the same time. Who knew?! Apparently the Zumba folk did.
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