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    Default Always so hard when they come home.... (single parent vent)

    Why must it always be so hard when he comes home.

    I know he has fun with his daddy and his daddy loves him to pieces but F-Me it can be hard.

    For the first time in MONTHS ds had an accident. Poo'd his pants. I told him it's ok, I'll deal with this and sat him on the toilet to finnish up. He takes FOREVER so I leave him on the loo and he calls out when he's done, rare occasions he'll come to get me cause he's done.

    No such luck. Smears on the tiles. Luckily NOT on the carpet.

    He also refused to eat lunch other than one slice of bread and half a capsicum.

    Since his dad said he'd been fine. Great spirits, not irritable, no pain etc and I FINALLY got his page of DS's passport application I swan off with ds to the post office and to do grocery shopping.

    Of course, queue insane meltdown. Screaming hysterically, squirming (Thomas related). I give in (bad I know) and agree to buy the $15 book ( How the F can they justify $15 for a 9 page book?) to try and get him to sit still for the passport photo.
    Result? Over $30 spent, now the not so proud owner of the cr@piest thomas book on earth, and a set of passport photos that will probably be rejected and have to be taken again!

    Couldn't go shopping cause I'd of surely maimed him before even GETTING to the IGA, let alone completing the shopping. Just the screaming and carrying on. The up, up, that, no that. And complete lack of manners. Why do I have to re-teach him please and thankyou every time? I know his daddy makes him say it when he's in from of me, so it's not that. DS just gets so clingy and demanding, and painful right now.

    It's 100% evident to me that he's either in pain, overtired or both but according to his dad he was neither in pain, nor did he have any issues sleeping.

    Apparently he didn't even snore badly. I've noticed that his snoring has been getting progressively worse for months now, but I guess I'll have to see what happens tonight to know what I'm reporting to the specialist tomorrow According to his daddy his snoring is less now? Maybe it was all just a virus and he's better now?

    I know I need to be more tolerant but FFS it can be hard not to crack it!

    Oh... and one last whinge... If the other parent thinks your diagnosis of an intolerance is nonesense TALK TO US FIRST FFS.
    DS's dad gave him regular milk over the weekend cause he thought I was just being a hypochondriac or something. Asked me today what happens to DS when he has regular milk. I explained tummy ache and runny poo but it takes 2-3 days for it to catch up in his system. I give him regular milk for things like cereal but lactose free if he wants cups or bottles of milk.

    Of course his daddy saw no adverse reactions to the milk he gave him. I hope DS has grown out of his lactose intolerance and this was a blessing in disguise making life easier for me. Otherwise I'm going to have fun for the next freaking week.

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    Default Re: Always so hard when they come home.... (single parent vent)

    I totally understand. My dd sees her father (2hrs once a fortnight) and it is very similar. She comes home upset about tinyest things and it takes me 2 days to get her to listen to anything im saying and she is a cling on so preschool drop off is near impossible the next day (i have stopped working on a wednesday as it was just getting to upsetting).

    She is 5 and this has been the arrangement for past 2 years. Hope things improve for you!

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    Hi Izy sorry to hear about your hard day, I can totally relate. Although I did have a giggle to myself about the Thomas book, mainly because if I was there I would of had to do the same too! hehe.

    DS is nearly 3.5 and for some reason his DF thinks he NEEDS a 3-4 hour nap in the avo when he has him and a bed time of 9-10pm...for a 3 year old! Even though I've told him he has pretty much stopped daynaps even at childcare ang goes to bed betwen 7:30-8pm.
    So ofcorse when he drops him off after dinner when we agree on 7-7:30pm so DS has time to wind down at mine before bed. He thinks 7pm means 9pm AND to give DS a chocolate bar at my door to eat that night...le sigh! It's fun when they think they know your child's routine more than you isn't it I hope your DS has gotten back into his routine nicely & his tummy is alright!


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