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    Default The pill and you

    I stopped pill sept 2011 and after the initial withdrawal bleed had cycles all over the place, from over 90 days to around 60 to 40 and last was around 35...the only consistent thing is that each cycle is shorter haha
    I have been taking vitex since feb, this may be a contributing factor.
    Saw FS last wed and he has initially concluded that have pcos, waiting on bloods to confirm but have all symptoms, so he started me on merformin... It's definitely worth going to doc if ur not pregnant within 12 months, good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by onlyjuststarting View Post
    Stopped pill beginning of April, had withdrawal bleed, then 47,40,32,31,30 and just as they were getting back to normal, I'm now thinking this next one will be 35/36 days

    How long do you think it's appropriate to wait before getting things checked out? I had pre pregnancy blood tests before I came off the pill and they were all fine, but thinking it might be possible for them to be different now that I've been off the pill for a while?
    I went to the Doctors on our 7th month trying because I felt like something was wrong. I got ultrasounds and blood tests done to check for PCOS (which originally came back negative) And that cycle was the only normal length cycle I had. DF also got his sperm tested at the same time. My Dr told me to come back at the 12 month mark if nothing happened, but we decided to try for a few more months. I went back about a month ago, and from talking to her and assessing my other symptoms she concluded I have PCOS, so I have to start metformin. It cant hurt to just talk to your Dr and ask for some simple tests. Im 23, so its worth asking if you feel like it hun

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    Default The pill and you

    After I stopped I didn't AF for months then had a quick one then nothing had AF three time in the year, did some research started taking vitex and its been fine ever since and cycles are getting shorter. Ps I'm only 22 stopped taking Bc 1.5 years ago


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