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    Default If you don't like your IL.... do you expect your OH to like your parents?

    Nope I don't expect DH to get along with my parents at all. We have agreed that both our parents can be rude and self absorbed. We sometimes argue though about situations, and whether we think the other is over reacting

    Eta: it's only the crazy mils we both love our fils

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    Default Re: If you don't like your IL.... do you expect your OH to like your parents?

    My MIL hates me. As does my SIL. My dad has been very recently cut out of my life, but DP thinks I should give him another chance sometimes... But he gets along well enough with mum and stepdad. He can understand that I'm trying with his family but they aren't giving me a chance right now

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    Default If you don't like your IL.... do you expect your OH to like your parents?

    Opposite here, my DH tried for years to reconcile my mother and I and couldn't understand it, took him 10 years before he stepped back and told me to stick to my guns cause she's one crazy mo-fo! My dad is dead so my DH has no IL's to worry about.

    My MIL is a gem and the whole family would be lost without her, love her like a mother

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    I don't have any expectations from DH although he doesn't seem to mind my parents, he thinks they are at times too laid back which I tend to agree with and he gets funny that I tell them everything oh as well he thinks I talk to them too much (Skype two or three times a week as opposed to twice a month with his parents. Note: I am expected to sit in the conversation with his parents where as I happily chat away to mine while he is out).
    My MIL is wonderful although very needy and FIL is a little odd, I like them both. When DS is born I've got my Mum coming for 8 weeks then his parents for two weeks and I'm much more excited about Mum coming! I miss her terribly... Trying to get Dad to come for the last two weeks of her trip, I think once he can see the baby on Skype he will be on the next flight!
    There are things that his parents make a big deal over that get on my nerves - eg: my parents gave us $1000 for baby things which was very generous where as his want to physically order things so they arrive as gifts and for instance said 'we would like to buy the stroller, let us know which one' so I researched and sent the link and then MIL sent DH an email saying that three wheeled prams are dangerous and they think we shiuld pick another. Grrr. I just went out and bought the one I want and DH didn't reply to the email. I appreciate gifts don't get me wrong but I feel like a lot has to be 'pre-approved'.... Rant over - Sometimes I love living on the other side of the world


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