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    Quote Originally Posted by mrsoptomistic View Post
    I'm not saying that $10 is too much to pay, just that I couldn't afford it :-) when working FT I dropped dd off at 730 and picked up at 6pm for $71/ day, before rebates and i only supplied nappies. BUT the provider had a large ratio of kids per carer... Therefore better profit.

    I suppose if you calculate what your time and effort is worth and what people are willing to pay first you can work out how many hours you can offer and when.. I personally wouldn't want to be offering min 3 hours, just because of the difficulty in calculating income and possibly consistency.. And shuffling around the more kids thought the day. (ie: if I could have 3 full time, I'd prefer that, than having 6 per day for 3 hours each, some morning, some afternoon) does that make sense?

    Anyway I have seen a few businesses close due to a great idea, not being considered in terms of $... Not saying that in your case at all, but it Would suck to put in all the effort to start something up to find it's actually not viable!

    I hope you find what works for you!
    Thankyou so much for your feedback I will definitely have more of a look at it as a whole tonight when my kids are in bed. I will let you know how I go

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    Default I am about to start Family Day Care, what do you think - Pricing etc...????

    Would love to hear what you decide on and good luck!

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    Default I am about to start Family Day Care, what do you think - Pricing etc...????

    Ds goes to 2 different fdc. 1 is 10/hr, $9/hr if you are there more then 30hrs/week (cant remember actual hours but something like that). She provides nothing. I have to send all food, drink, nappies, wipes, sheets, blankets, clothes etc etc.

    The other one is $8.45/hr, $9 outside 8am-6pm and she provides all food, blankets, sheets etc. I just send clothes, nappies, wipes (leave a pkt at each place and they let me know when more is needed), clothes and a drink bottle.

    Both charge in 15 minute blocks. I drop ds off around 650am but the booked hours are 645am.

    The hourly rate also includes the levy to the daycare scheme.

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    It sounds expensive to me, but it really depends on your area. FDC in our area is considerably cheaper than a childcare centre.

    The thing about offering part days is that it limits your full day care options. If you have a child from 9am - midday then you can't take another child for 7am to 5:30pm, only one for the afternoon. So, I definitely think you should discount for the full day or charge more for the part day. Maybe you could offer 1 part time place on 2 days a week or something like that to keep your options open.

    And offering school/kinder runs is a nice idea, but maybe make it negotiable. What if a parent wants to drop off their child at 8:45am but you are on a school run at the time, what do you do then?

    And although the childcare rebate can be paid fortnightly there are people like myself who run a small business with a highly unpredictable income. We only claim the CCB/CCR at the end of the financial year and $120 for FDC would be WAY out of our price range.


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