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    Default Autism/Developmental Delay/Speech delay diagnosis. Please help!

    My 3-year-old son has been identified as having a speech and developmental delay. He also has some anxiety and socialisation difficulties. I am waiting to have him assessed for Autism but the earliest appointment I can get is in March (with a Paed who specialises in the area). He sees his regular Paed in 2 weeks time and starts Speech Therapy tomorrow. I don't know if he is Autistic or not. I'm confused. Sometimes I think he is just travelling at his own pace and is very socially shy and awkward as I was as a child. Other times I feel that he may be Autistic. I don't know what to believe. I was hoping for some advice from parents who have been in similar situations. What can I do/read/ask/see that could help me and him?
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    I think that you need to look at setting goals for him, with the paed speech and OT, goals that will move him forward in his development. After many years of struggling I have come t realise that whether they have a label of autism or not, it won't change the child, and ultimately the things you aim to achieve will be the same.
    Talk to your normal paed about autism, see what he/she says. But at the end of the say your child won't change with a label and in a practical sense.

    Hope that makes sense. I'm half asleep. Will write again later once I can think better, have been in your situation though so any specific questions please pm me.

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    I'm not sure what advice I can offer but I was in a similar situation with my DS. What sort of indicators is your DS showing that there maybe a possibility of ASD? My GP put DS on an care program (can't remember the right acronym) and as a result we get public paed assessments for ASD every 4 or so months plus public funded speech therapy. Although DS has come through all the ASD assessments he had a profound speech delay, he just didn't talk so although it's very rare there are instances where this does occur. He was 5 in June and now the challenge is to get him to STOP talking! The GP had to set some goals for the care plan, one of them being he was ready for prep in 2013.

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    My nearly 4 year old was diagnosed at exactly 3 years old with autism . I think you really know the difference between speech delay and autism when the conversation ( even non verbal like a baby or toddler) is one sided. The interaction is limited or just to their interests , your basically very rarely on the same page , verbal or not. My son is doing so much better with speech ( his terms) but I can pick him up after preschool and every time I say " why happened today did you enjoy it?" I get silence. Later on in the evening on his terms he may say " preschool, chickens in love chickens" I'll say" do you like the chickens at preschool that's great , how many have they got?" , again silence even though he can count . It's the lack if being in the same page . My younger son 20 months you can talk to in basic conversation but he will follow the conversation with laughter , his eyes , talking an things he brings you ...... With autism it's like there is a wall that's there and you cannot quite reach them. I think that's the difference and why most mums " know" from an early age .

    Good luck , it's a worrying road but they c an improve out of sight when diagnosed, correct therapy for them as an individual is found and funding received which you would get as he is only 3.


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