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    Default Early mc then period, could I be pregnant?

    Hi I had an early mc at nearly 5weeks, bled for a week then stopped. I seemed to ovulate about 3 weeks later- so late in my cycle. Then 11 days after got what I thought was my period (with bfn a couple of days early). My period lasted the normal 4 days. However since period I have felt really grotty. The way I was when pregnant with my dd2- sort of a constant hangover feeling, groggy every morning, feeling dehydrated, sickly, headaches. I know I could take a hpt but don't know if I'm just being silly.

    Basically I'm wondering if the period wasn't a period- if it could have been a bleed at a delayed time from the mc - I.e if your body will 'clear out' when you should normally get your period- iykwim.

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    Default Early mc then period, could I be pregnant?

    When I had my miscarriages I only had the one lot of bleeding. I do hear you're more fertile right after a m/c so perhaps the bleeding is a little bub getting nice and cosy in your lining?
    Fingers crossed its a beautiful sticky bub for you


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