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    Default Day 2 - Things are looking up.

    Something that I didn't really do yesterday when I started, was introduce myself...which actually tells you something about me - I get so carried away with what is going on in my head I tend to forget myself. Anyway, I digress. I am 34, actually dangerously close to 35 but I would prefer not to talk about that. I am married and have a beautiful, funny, smart, engaging daughter who is almost 3. I lost 27kgs on an insane low carb diet before I got pregnant with my daughter with help from fertility treatment. We had a surprise pregnancy last year which ended in a miscarriage, and I have often wondered if the weight that had crept back on contributed to that.

    So, why am I doing the Zumba challenge? I need to be the example of good health for my family to follow. Every night when I saw my daughter eating chips or shapes bikkies before dinner, something inside me would rage 'NO, she deserves better than this'. I lost both of my parents at a young age and that can't happen to my daughter. It won't.

    I saw a photo of myself at Easter that made me cringe. It was taken from behind and it wasn't my backside, it was my fat lady arms that really rattled me. Sadly, my answer to this had been to buy clothes that hide my arms. Hello, lose the weight, don't spend money you don't have on clothes to hide the weight.

    But ultimately, the major driving force for me at the moment is having another baby and my dodgy ovaries need all the help they can get.

    So, after my introduction to Zumba yesterday, I wasn't feeling all that confident about my ability to master the rhythms and well, not break myself in the process. I am pleased to say that a second go at Step by Step today was much more successful, I felt that I could keep up and mainly started getting confuzzled when I got a bit too big for my boots and adding too many arm movements etc. So, the plan is that tomorrow I will graduate from Step by Step to another work out. Since I will be working all day I was thinking of doing Rush but that may be a tad ambitious.

    I had a good food day too - lately I have been having oats with LSA, yoghurt (low fat greek, with a small drizzle of honey) and milk (admittedly this could benefit from some fruit too) for breakfast, I didn't actually have a mid morning snack, lunch was at a cafe with a friend and we both had a low fat frittata with a side salad, afternoon snack was an apple (chopped) with some peanut butter in the slices, probably less than a tablespoon. Dinner was meatballs with hidden vegies in my home made tomato sauce with basmati rice. A couple of bliss balls will be a nice little sweet treat with my rooibos tea later.

    I am finding that being good, eating okay-ish and getting my Zumba workout in is a really good feeling and it spurs me on to keep going.

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    nice to meet you SPG! Glad you felt better about your workout today. It is so much fun when you can focus less on the steps and more on just grooving out coz you have the steps sorted.

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    Default Day 2 - Things are looking up.

    Thanks for sharing, hun! The thing about any diet/weight loss program is that it needs to be sustainable. I lost almost 15kgs on an extremely low carb diet for my wedding and whaddya know, as soon as I started eating normally (because I couldn't sustain it) the weight all came back!

    I've gained another 7kgs since my miscarriage in March, too, so that probably had something to do with it as well.


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