I am currently completing my final year of my midwifery degree and am looking for some pregnant women (currently between 20 and 35 weeks) who are interested in having a student along with them on their pregnancy journey. I provide support throughout the pregnancy, coming to at least 2 antenatal appointments (more if you are happy) and checking in every so often to see how you're going with everything; my attendance at the birth is totally up to the woman and her partner; and I keep in touch for 4-6 weeks after the baby is born, ideally coming to at least 2 postnatal appointments too. My role is one of support for you as well as learning about women's experience of pregnancy and transition to parenthood simply by observation.

It doesn't matter whether you are having your first or your fifth baby, or what type of care you are having so long as you are happy to have me along for the journey

I live in Glen Iris but am happy to travel to wherever you are. You can respond to this post, or I am also contactable by email (buntings_warehouse@hotmail.com) or phone on 0431 84 85 86. I look forward to hearing from you!