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    Default So Confused...

    Hey Everyone, I could really really use some advice...

    I have a beautiful 15mth old baby boy who is the absolute light of my life BUT... after I had him I suffered with post natal depression quite severely (I even considered suicide), it took about a year to finally find medication that helps and to start feeling like a real person again AND THEN... I found out yesterday morning that I'm pregnant again and I'm TERRIFIED!

    I feel like my baby was ripped off for so long, he is really only just discovering the fun happy person that his Mumma is and now I'm pregnant again and so scared that I'll get sick again and my baby will lose his Mumma and my husband will lose his wife...

    I'm seriously considering abortion but again that terrifies me and up until yesterday I had always viewed abortion as something only rape victims or women whose unborn babies are incredibly ill should have... I just don't know what to do.

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    Hi. Do you have some support networks around you? I am sure the gp and you can weigh up the pros and cons of non medicated vs medicated. I am sure there must be options for you while pregnant and bbreast feeding.
    there are some private chat forums for depression etc on bub hub, maybe some contact there might be helpful.
    I hope you get some solutions soon. Depression is really hard and I wish you all the best.

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    hey. im so sorry to hear of your strggles. do you think maybe going to see a councellor or talking to your gp about your concern would help? i really suggest talking it through with someone you trust. if you are on meds the first step you ned to take now is to talk with a pharmasist about if they are safe during pregnancy. try and think of all the positives of the pregnancy, associate it with poitive things instead of negative. that may help keep things at bay. im hoping that there is someone else who can help as i dont have experience with anti d's although i do have pnd (looking into them)

    sorry i cant be of any help. big hugs. there is a pnd and depression areas on here so maybe go have a looksey at those

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    Hi Op and welcome. Firstly I understand how you are feeling. I developed PND after the birth of my son and its not something I ever wanted to live through again. It was the most terrible time of my life. My son was 6 months old when I fell pregnan again. I too was medicated and when I fell pregnant was told by my doctor that I had to stop taking my antidepressants. I did and I managed to get through the pregnancy ok and I planned to consume my placenta. I looked into the benefits of consuming your placenta and the claims that it can help avoid PND... Unfortunately I didn't do it quick enough and got PND again however not as bad as the first time... But OP definitely look into it, I know it might seem gross but for me, I was willing to do anything if it meant that I could avoid depression..

    If thats not something you want to try, speak to your GP and get them to work closely with you through your pregnancy and post natal care... OP you know more about PND now and you know what has worked for you this time so chances are you will be better equipped to deal with it and hopefully if you do get it again it won't be as bad iykwim...


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