Hi Everyone,

I'm at stay at home mum of 2 beautiful children my little girl will be 5 in January (starting school next year) and a little boy who just turned 2

well i recently had to quit my job as childcare was going to cost us way to much i would pretty much make $50 a week & it's so not worth not seeing my kids etc..

i have been looking a any type of home business i can do from home so i can have my son here with me & i can be there to drop & pick up my daughter from school (next year) i have been trying to think of anything, but it's so hard as im not an ideas person LOL..

if anyone has any ideas can you fire them this way thanks.

i was also looking at becoming a nutrimetics consultant from home eg. making up my own facebook page, website & dropping business card/pamphlets around my area? was wondering if there any consultants on here? how much can be made from this/ i know you have to do some work at it. i would have to do it from home as my partner doesn't help me much with the kids so i would have to take them with me & don't think that would work hehe

please help, any advise, help or ideas would be so helpful